Gov. Mang Sali is a man of outstanding vision and unrelenting determination. Born third among the thirteen off springs of a public servant and a housewife, he was raised to a life of simplicity in the municipality of Languyan. Despite having been raised in abject poverty, his humble beginnings pushed him to rise above adversity and serve the people.

Having been in public service for over 34 years, Gov. Mang has achieved a distinguished career in government. His electoral journey has allowed him to serve as barangay captain and ABC president from year 1988 to 1994. He was then elected as vice mayor of languyan and he held the position of municipal administrator. After such, he won as the Mayor of Languyan and served for 3 terms.

Having witnessed the plight of the people of Tawi-Tawi, he took a leap of faith and run as the governor of the province of Tawi-Tawi in year 2019 and won. Hailing from a family of public servants, Gov Mang  shot into prominence as an advocate and a political leader through his hard work and determination. Governor Yshmael Sali is currently serving his second term as the Governor of the province of Tawi-Tawi.

During his tenure, he transformed Tawi-Tawi into a province of international acclaim, showcasing its natural and cultural destination areas. It was during his stewardship that Tawi-Tawi felt accelerated development through infrastructure projects. Some of the infrastructure projects done during his term are the solar power plant, grand mosque or masjid raayat, isolation building, renovation of capitol, and several housing projects, road, and bridges in different municipalities. He has been focused on innovative infrastructure that enhances quality of life and drives economic growth in the province.

He pushed for a myriad of projects addressing health and poverty issues in the province. His efforts during the first year has been exerted towards cushioning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, building a community that is strong and resilient during disasters, and upgrading the province’s health services.

He always takes up and fights for the cause of the poor and extend a helping hand to everyone, for which he is highly respected by the people, irrespective of their party affiliations. Gov Mang has always had a heart for the poor. Bereft of a comfortable life during his tender years, he is determined to create a better future for the next generation of Tawi-Tawi by providing livelihood programs and strengthening the education system for the students.

A strong adherent of family values, Gov Mang is married to Hja Jumda Sali and they are blessed with five children, including the Vice Governor of Tawi-Tawi Hon. Al Syed Sali. He has a tremendous grassroots presence and is known as amah (father) of Tawi-Tawi. He intends to bring public services closer to the people and all of his efforts are directed towards a gobyernong kasali ang lahat.



1. Governance for Prosperity, Integrity and Unity in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

2. Opens its Gateway and make Tawi-Tawi as the main hub of trading in BARMM to the BIMPEAGA member countries and  boost socioeconomic activities . (barter trading)

3. Becomes the BARMM biggest revenue contributor not only for aqua-agriculture product, but to eco-tourism industry and make it the tourist destination in BARMM.

4. Manufacturing and producers of basic halal Commodities like Tuna, mackerel canning, semiprocessed seaweeds and other processed Aquatic food produce.

5. Advancement to both Communication and Transportation facilities to Boost Economic Activities, Faster, accessible information Technology.

6. Natural Resources Management Programs to Sustain Ecological and Environmental Protection for disaster resiliency.( ending illegal Fishing, illegal Logging & illegal Quarrying of white beach sands) and support greening Tawi-Tawi programs.

7. Gender and development advocacy. (protection of children and woman)

8. Sustainability and Development for Health, Education and Basic Services. (Water system improvement and Power availability to every households)

9. Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign and Anti-RedTape, Anti-Terrorism and Extremism ending all forms of violence, to include war against Child Exploitation Trafficking.

10. Livable Tawi-Tawi in the next six (6) years with Sufficient Foods, Effective Services, Enhanced Service Providers. Guaranteed income and secured foods, efficient educational and medical services and decent house in the entire province.

11. Introducing Tawi-Tawi To The World and make it as a prime tourist destination with proud cultural heritage, scenic white sand beaches and deep sea diving sites and the most hospitable people of the south.