Article 109 – Tawi-Tawians catered for NAPOLCOM exams

Bongao | National Police Commission and Provincial Government of Tawi-Tawi served about 100 police personnel seeking promotion and 300 police-aspirants on Monday during the first day of official filing at the ITTADFI Building, TubigBoh for the November 27-28 examinations.

Governor Yshmael “Mang” I. Sali and Al-syed A. Sali, Alhajj who initiated the conduct of the forthcoming NAPOLCOM exam in Tawi-Tawi designate Provincial Administrator MobinGampal as the focal person of the PLGU.

The filing will run until November 19 with a projection of almost 2, 000 Tawi-Tawians catered.

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Bongao | Board Member Abduljamil S. Ishmael Ph.D. and MBHTE Tawi-Tawi Division Planning Officer Aldrin Damming meet with officers of the United Nations Children’s Fund on Saturday to discuss further areas of cooperation for programs on health, education, and child protection in the province.

Ms. Amina RafiaZenia Lim, Communications for Development Officer of UNICEF Philippines, updates the representatives from the PLGU and the Provincial School Board of their continuing support and implementation for health and nutrition especially assisting the Integrated Provincial Health Office in heightening awareness and increasing vaccination coverage to fight COVID-19, and the installation of walk-in cold room for storage of various vaccines.

Ms. RohannieBaraguir-Datumanong, Child Protection Specialist, emphasized their pursuit for strengthening and operationalization of child protection systems, and provision of mechanisms and digitization for the birth registration of Sama Dilaut with pilot implementation in Barangay Lamion in Bongao.

Mr. Yvan Tarong, WASH in Schools Officer, informs about the procedures taken for the pilot test conduct of face-to-face classes in the province following the Self Readiness Assessment (SRA), School Safety Assessment Tool (SSAT), and LGU-MBHTE-IPHO-RHU validation in response to national and localized guidelines.

Board Member Ishmael, Chairman for the Committee on Education and Culture; Vice-Chairman for the Committee on Women, Family Welfare, Social Welfare, Gender and Development; and Committee Member on Health and Sanitation, thanks UNICEF in behalf of Governor Yshmael “Mang” I. Sali and on behalf of the people of the province for their programs and assistance impacting the development of the Tawi-Tawi constituents. He added, the PLGU is very interested in a partnership for initiatives that will benefit Tawi-Tawians including projects on education, health, sanitation, social welfare, connectivity, and human rights.

Division Planning Officer Damming relays to UNICEF that majority of parents in Tawi-Tawi are concerned about the quality of learning of their children and prefer face-to-face schooling if such is permitted following standards. He also recognized UNICEF for their efforts in helping out the Sama Dilaut children in their birth registration as this facilitates social services and civil identification leaving no children left behind.

Article 8 –

04-26-2021 | The Provincial Government of Tawi-Tawi, represented by the Governor’s Executive Assistant V – Ma’am SugaidaSali-Decierdo, Board Member for Women Sector – Hon. DayangCarlsumJumaide, and Tawi-Tawi Women Council chairperson & First Lady of the province Hja. Jumda A. Sali, actively participated during the Provincial Consultation and Budget Preparation for 2022 of the Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) held at the Governor’s Conference Hall, Provincial Capitol, Bongao.

Representatives from the Provincial DRRM Office and Provincial Tourism Office had also taken part on the activity.

During the workshop, the representatives deliberately suggested proposals to better the mandate, powers, and functions of the presiding agency in delivering services to nine (9) sectors namely: family, PWDs, women, children, communities, older persons, displaced families, youth, and other vulnerable sectors.

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