All are winners in the 1st Premier MTB Road Race organized by former MP Al-Syed A. Sali, and the Provincial Sports and Development Office. The road race was an initiative by the sports and development office with the main intention of showcasing the active lifestyle of Tawi Tawians and its capacity to be involved in the muscle related and endurance testing activity as cycling.

Cycling is becoming popular in the province of Tawi-Tawi especially most dominant in the municipality of Bongao. Men and women, young and old are the enthusiast of this endurance testing activity. There are several cycling groups and bikers club in Bongao alone.  D’ Tawi-Tawi Cycling Club, Inc., Siklista Tawi-Tawi, Bongao Bikers Club among many others. 

Bikers pedal away from Datu Halun and Patal and set to finish in Sun Kiss beachside to be amply awarded the governor himself and the son who was the brain of the activity. August 21-22 was 1st Premier MTB Road Race organized by former MP Al-Syed A. Sali and attended by 200 cyclist enthusiast and participants of the said race.

D’ Tawi-Tawi Cycling Club bagged 13 trophies to the first ever event that is initiated for the bikers and cyclist clubs and organizations in the province. Other participants from other cycling clubs were also participated in different categories. Ages 12 to 19, 20-29, 30- 39, 40-49, 50 and up were the different categories in the race. There was also a category for women which was open for all ages and an executive category reserve for top officers of various agencies who participated in the event. The winners of the race were Kristan Coronel, 1st, Iacco Reyes 2nd, and Firdawzi Nami 3rd in 12-19 category. Tating Ahadain 1st, Akmad Drieza Mohammad 2nd, Algafar Sallil 3rd  in 20-29 category. Pmaj Christopher Dela Cruz 1st, Rasid Tikmasan 2nd, Aimer Reyes 3rd 30-39 category. Ghani Sadr Saluan 1st, Omar Ghan Saluan 2nd and Jeckly Mohammad 3rd in 40-49 category. Jaime Maquiso 1st Dr Rico Reyes 2nd and Cristito Tutor 3rd in 50 and up category. The women were not left behind as they have winners as well. Chery Gay Omamalin  1st, Mae Rohanni Samsuya 2nd  and Khadija Tikmasan 3rd in the open category for women. An executive category winners were Jennal Aguilar 1st, Delfin Alberto Jr 2nd, and Dr Al-Hamar Tamburani 3rd. all of them from different agencies in the province.

The presence of cycling club and organization that is both healthy and emanates camaraderie in the province is a showcase of the province being progressive and active both in events and citizenry.  This also showcases the presence of potential athlete and enthusiast that can be compared to wider population of the region and country.

women category
Governor with Board Member witnessing the Sports Event
Master Category


MP Al-Syed A. Sali is a prime mover in the field of sports initiating the various events and tournaments to promote the province of tawi-tawi as peaceful, progressive and active in terms of sports, activity and social events. He opened the 1st MP Al-Syed A. Sali to boost the participation of constituents in this kind of sport and related activities.

He himself is a fine enthusiast of various sports and hobbies. Playing among the youth and participants prove his devotion to the tournament and his dedication to participate in this promotional events for the betterment of the province especially the municipality of Bongao.

Basketball, tennis, cycling, range shooting among many others is his favorites. These events as we all know put people together. This kind of events boosts a cause, showcases talents, and most importantly it is accommodating in the sphere of individuals as well as the community at large.


The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) approved the creation of the Bangsamoro Sports Commission (BSC) Thursday, September 17, at the BTA Executive Lounge, in Cotabato City.

The BSC will formulate policies, promote, regulate, coordinate, and implement programs for sports in the Bangsamoro region. Along with this mandate is to provide for the system, support, and assist in the development of sports. The commission will be composed of a chairperson, four (4) commissioners, and two (2) ex-officio commissioners, equally represented from the geographic units of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM), and will be appointed by the Chief Minister.

The commission conducted the 1st Writeshop on the Bangsamoro Sports Development Plan (BSDP).  The 2- day activity was facilitated by Mr. Danny Buenbrazo and his team from the Market Drive Management and Consultancy Services.

Tawi-Tawi sports and planning officers attended the Writeshop on the Bangsamoro Sports Development Plan last November 9 and 10 at Seda Hotel Davao city.

Bangsamoro Sports Commissioner Abdulkhabir Musa, Provincial Sports and Youth Development Officer Cesar Sakilan, and Assistant Provincial Planning and Development Officer Architect Benrajiv Kashim represented the Tawi-Tawi in the two-day workshop intended for the formulation of the sports regional programs and integration of indigenous games to promote Bangsamoro culture and sportsmanship.

Youth ORGANIZATIONS (photos)

A unique, inclusive and comprehensive meeting presided by the hon Alsyed Sali and hji abubashar Sali-matba were among the initiatives  that can band together like-minded people and same vision organizations in the province to further community development and social cohesive society.

The gathering was graced by the governor himself. The governor inquired the purpose and objectives of all the organizations and fraternities present.  All the groups shared their respective goals and objectives of its creation. To summarize the thoughts of all the participants’ objectives and goals were to bring betterment in the community; to gather resources from the community to serve less privileged individuals and groups; to bring the community together and assist and help in other groups; and finally to help our local government in providing better community and safety.

Vice governor summed up the ideas shared and pronounced that “all the goals we hear is the same common goals to the service, community and to God” “if you could maintain your objective and reach your goal, we can keep peace and security in our areas”

Among the many important agenda of the meeting was the creation of council of elders that will be consisted of the heads or representative from different organizations and municipalities. Organization of the council  of elders will be consisted of 2 representatives from each group; identified positions will be filled; votes will be cast from different organization representatives; the organization will be chaired by 11 board of directors for 11 municipality with a term of office.

Council of elders is consisted of Alsyed as president, Abubashar Matba as Vice President for Internal And Engr. Madisa Dionga for Vice President External Affairs. Secretary is Madzni H. Sarahadil, Caesar Sakilan Treasurer, Sharif Hassan Aguinaldo, PIO, Omar Mukhtar Mahadali, Auditor And Jun Dail As Business Manager. Board of Directors were representative of different organizations and municipalities. List of board members: Ibrahim Aming(Fcb), Musa Aming (Megan Society), Henly Kent Sequin(Tgp) Sendrelie Akuk(Mcr) Lando Tassam(Mrb) Jak Juaini (Quintance) Datu Abdinajjir Sangkula (Pax) Benjamin Kison(Deltans), Siano Montez (REACT) Dr. Jerry Mercader (Guardians), Nestor Jumawan(MAUS Leage), Representative (Dirty Dozen), Melchor Graces(Eagles), Alfaida Sabdani (Pusaka)