1. Reduced risks (vulnerability, exposure, hazards) of disaster prone and conflict affected communities.
  2. Improved resiliency of communities on disasters and risks in the province of Tawi-Tawi.
  3. To secure and save lives and properties of affected communities based on standards during or immediately after disaster.
  4. Restoration and improvement of affected communities.


  1. Relocation Facility Development
  2. Mainstreaming of DRR-CCA in the local development and land use planning
  3. Infrastructure Development
  4. Agri-forestry Development Program
  5. Livelihood Support Program for Relocated Families.
  6. Systems Development Program
  7. Structures and Systems Creation
  8. Institutionalization of Plans and Policies
  9. Competency Building
  10. IEC and Resource Acquisition
  11. Immediate and efficient response
  12. Capacity development program of PO’s in affected communities
  13. Formulation of mechanisms and protocols for harmonized coordination


  1. Identification, acquisition and development of relocation site.
  2. Conduct of hazard, vulnerability and capacity assessment.
  3. Periodic conduct of infra audit.
  4. Updating of the LCCAP
  5. Periodic assessment monitoring and evaluation on conflict affected areas