To competently realize the agenda of the Provincial Government and to ensure that it will be attained by the public through the provision of administrative assistance to the governor and supervision on the overall management of the provincial government .


The office of the Provincial Administrator envisions to have an ideal and well- established organization that is truly accountable on it’s mission and to become a valuable partner of the governor in carrying out its commitment to the community.


To serve as the manager ( administrative function of the provincial government)

To improve access to quality and sustainable social services;

To improve strategic alignment;

To enhance and enforce policies and legislative measures.


A-Appreciation-for human rights and dignity

D-Dedication-Commitment to highest level of standards and integrity.

M-morality-Behaving in ethical, moral, honest and honorable way.

I- Innovation –We must constantly improve with society’s changing needs in order to stay relevant.

N-Neutral-unbiased in terms of decision making