To lead the province in improving the overall nutrition by strengthening cooperation and partnership among major stakeholders that will holistically improve the welfare of the Tawi-Tawian.


Tawi-Tawi OPG-Nutrition heading its citizens to an improved nutrition with sustainable programs to promote and protect the nutritional health of the people for a more productive environment.


Enhance the Nutritional Status of the People (Tawi-Tawian).

Nourished partnership among stakeholders.

Accessible and sustainable nutrition service.

Individually-sustained healthy community.

Evaluate and resolve facility Needs.


Sustainability- to continuously operate and outreach operation with careful attention to the Health and Nutrition.

Transparency – we conduct our office with openness and truthfulness with strict adherence to existing laws, rules, regulation of government and the principle of good governance.

Sensitivity- We respond to the needs of our populace with love, respect and recognize the difference and beliefs of each member of the organization and of the populace.

Responsibility – Serves the public in a systematic fashion through the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in context of partnership and reciprocity. uZeal – We serve with enthusiasm and dedication characterized by versatility and dynamism, discipline and strict adherence to work ethics.