To assist the Local Government in the enhancement of Revenue Generation through equitable, uniform, standardized, efficient and effective application of the existing rules, law and procedure in the Appraisal and Assessment of all Real Properties using online/computerized Assessment Services.


institutions by operating within the guidelines and framework of our Government Fiscal Policies as to the management and Administration of Real Property Tax.


To have Fundamental Reforms in the Real Property Tax Structure and Administration thru the installation of the technical components of Tax Mapping Operations, records conversion and tax collection enforcement in the different municipalities of the Province of Tawi-Tawi.


EFFICIENCY – Efficient, Effective and Transparent Administration of Real Property Tax.

ACCURACY – Provide the Public with Vital Real Property Information.

SERVICE – Fair and Quality Service.

EXCELLENCE– Technically Competent, Responsible and Professional Real Estate Appraisers

Whose Standards of Service is Competitive with other Urbanized Provinces.