Professionalism, Innovation, Accessibility, Efficiency and Effectiveness


To provide fair and accurate financial information to the Provincial Governor and Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Tawi-Tawi to guide them in their decision-making process for the benefit of their constituents.

A Highly competitive staff, working together conducive work place.


The accountant shall take charge of both accounting and internal adult service of the local government units concerned.


Staff working together, competent and competitive.

To be trustworthy in taking charges of both accounting and internal audit services of the local government unit concerned.


In order to achieve the mission, vision of Provincial Accountant Office , plans and the targets for reliability, integrity, teamwork, efficiency and effectiveness.

Efficiency – time is well used for the intended task.

Effectiveness – capacity to achieving results.

Reliability – to be trusted and defendable.

Integrity- to demonstrate professionalism in every undertaking.

Teamwork- to work collectively to accomplish established objectives.

Distributors of works is issued in addiction to the duties and function specified in the job description of the respective position of the staff.


Record in the logbook all disbursement voucher for all funds and indicate there the appropriate numbers including the supporting documents.

Record the corresponding journals the collection disbursement, including other financial transaction submitted by the Provincial Treasurer.

Reconcile the status of appropriation, allotment and obligation submitted by the Provincial Budget.

Review and audit allotted obligation for general fund, trust fund and special education fund to determined and supporting documents.

Expected Output

Financial report


Process of vouchers and Payroll